The Who Am I Section

First I am Aaron David Michaelis Borsay.
I have a general about me and also my current resume
To see stuff that I have worked on for fun or work check out endeavors.
Thoughts consits of a collection of my thoughts.
Visual is well pictures
The Random is well just that
This Site is currently underconstruction as well

A Basic Introduction about me in general

God and my faith in Jesus and involvement with my church, reading and researching new events, listening to good music and helping with musical events, writing in my own fiction (Binara) or general thoughts about events in the word or life, playing the piano, following fervently soccer, interacting with others in life and treasuring friendships, helping when needed, building Legos, reading fantasy or mystery novels as well as books on science, history and other factual information, playing video games
I have a personal relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ. I do not like to use the term Christian but believer and follower and relationship with the One Who Is (God), His only begotten Son (Jesus), and His guiding Holy Spirit.
I am of Hungarian descendants, my father and other were born there along with some still there. I love Hungary. I love my Hungarian family. I love Hungarian food, music, wine, liquor and so forth.
I was once known as George. hmmm.
I am eccentrically smart who appears to be very odd. Some people may call me insane, I am not; I am just intelligent and am thinking and rationalizing different ideas and things all at the same time. I am happy with that and will not become someone I am not.
I love music, very much.
I created a planet called Binara and am working on a story called Ahblahem about it. I have maps, story lines, characters, ideas, plans, and am starting to post the new stuff on facebook every so often. It is. It is an amazing story and Binara is intriguingly strongly tied to earth, which people will learn as the first section begins to get posted here.
I love castle legos.
I Love ♥ REAL MADRID ♥. Thusly I love real football (aka soccer).
I like coffee , tea (not cold sugar, mostly warm), good beer, i am a strong Calvinist/reformist, , reading, learning, listening, sitting, good music, people, cats, some dogs, Hungarian food, Thai food, good Chinese food, Indian food, good Mexican food, meeting woman, meeting people in general, socializing (but sometime distantly), used to love talking with my Dad (he is one of the smartest people you will meet), dreaming, hoping, thinking, the piano, I enjoy Unicum, Palinka (a fruity brandy based liquor from Hungary), good wine such as Tokaji Eszu (also from Hungary) and so forth.
general about